Lindzi + Nathan

November 6, 2016

Let me begin this post by trying to tell you how difficult of a time I had selecting the images to show to you! Wesley and Emma Teague, of W&E Photographie are so incredibly talented and the way they captured Lindzi and Nathan's wedding day has me grinning from ear to ear. 

The day started very leisurely and I do not think I have ever seen a couple more calm. Lindzi and Nathan spent the morning enjoying the company of their family members; especially since both of their families had flown in especially for the occasion. You see, it is an absolute miracle that Lindzi and Nathan met each other and fell in love because they grew up on opposite sides of the world! Lindzi is your classic Georgia Peach (with a little extra sugar sprinkled on top) and Nathan is a fun-loving guy raised by missionary parents in Africa. They met while working at a Christian Summer Camp in the hills of north Georgia, and the rest of the story is history from there.    

Since Lindzi and Nathan met and fell in love at camp, they wanted to choose a location that reflected that, while still being fairly accessible. Thus, the 4-H Center in Columbiana was the perfect location! The weather on the day of the wedding could not have been more gorgeous and the autumn leaves provided the most pristine backdrop to a love that was just as spectacular. 

In addition to being amazing people, Lindzi and Nathan also have the most precious and fun personalities. This fact was displayed in all aspects of their special day. I especially loved the "funky socks" that Nathan gave to his groomsmen. 

Lindzi is simply put - an elegant soul. Suzanne Martenson, of Stems & Styles, beautifully displayed Lindzi's personality through her amazing floral arrangements. I will admit that when I was able to hold the bouquet, I might have gone googly-eyed at the natural decadence. Everything was absolutely stunning!

After a heartfelt ceremony conducted by Nathan's father (how sweet, right?!), all of the guests walked over to the pavillion, which is just up the hill from the most stunning lake. 

The guests sipped on colorful sodas (see the two Dr. Pepper's? Those were used for the Bride & Groom's Toast! I know - super cute!), and munched on delicious food from Chick-fil-a - another nod to the important people in their lives as Nathan previously worked at Chick-fil-a. Talk about the best reception food ever!! Everyone mingled, danced, and enjoyed the simple pleasures of life on a night that was joyous to all who were there.